I am so excited to finally share my daughter's sweet kitty cat party! To know our gal is to know that she is obsessed with all things animals, and kitty cats are pretty high up on that list. This was quite possibly one of my favorite parties to throw (I mean, little girls and kittens?! It was cuteness overload!) and also the craziest. We had a lot of last minute RSVPs that included siblings and ended with a guest list of 23 girls - all inside our house in the middle of winter!

As always, I like to send out an invitation that sets the tone for the whole party. Her two requests for the design was pink and gold glitter, so we started with the invitation set and created the entire party package to match. 

Kitty Cat Party |


I love including little details like matching address labels and envelope seals!

Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party | Nestling Design
Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |

I made all the tissue garlands myself, but you can easily find some on Etsy if you aren't the DIY kind!

Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |

I tried to focus the majority of our food around items that a kitty would like to eat - fish, milk, kitty chow, and mice!

Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |

I took a fun twist on the classic puppy chow recipe by adding in pink M&Ms and serving them in pet food bowls I bought at my local Dollar Tree. The girls absolutely LOVED this!

Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |

Mice are a cat's favorite, right? These were made using small wedges of cheese (I love Laughing Cow cheese for this project, but these were used Babybel Cheese I just sliced into wedges), carrots for tails, pink sprinkles for noses, and pepperoni circles for ears. 

Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |

Since we all know thirsty little kitties love milk, a milk bar was a must! We served three flavors the girls were able to mix if they like. Strawberry won, hands down in popularity!

Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |

Leading up to the party, I scoured thrift shops for used balls of varying sizes. I wrapped them in yarn to create these adorable yarn balls for decorations around the party. 

Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |

Without a doubt, the most popular part of this party was the cat adoption at the end. I get asked often where I found our stuffed animals for the party. I was able to score a few lots of Webkinz cats from Ebay and they were absolutely perfect! (You can even find some at Five Below Stores). Each kitten came with its own adoption certification for the girls to fill out. 

Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |

We hosted this party in the dead of winter in Illinois, so activities were a MUST to keep these girls entertained. I'm going to do a more at-length post with better details and instructions this week, but I will give you a run down of a few things we did do:

Cat ears + whiskers. Upon entering the party, each girl was able to pick out a set of ears. We used face paint to add on a nose and whiskers. 

Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |

For younger kids, I almost always have a coloring station set up to fill in that awkward time in the beginning as you are waiting for everyone to show up. 

Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |

Grooming Paw-lor! Little girls love getting their nails done almost as much as they love kittens, so I knew this would be a real hit and it was!

Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |

Collar Decorating Station. Every girl got to decorate a collar for their stuffed cat. We purchased the collars at Dollar Tree (they came in sets of 2) and bought wooden hearts for the name plates (simply got glue a small piece of ribbon to create the loop)

Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |
Kitty Cat Party |

Judging by the look on our girl's face, I think it's safe to say the day was a success! 

Kitty Cat Party |


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One of my favorite details on our Gaming Party are these DIY tablecloths! This DIY started out much like many of mine do - with the thought of 'how can I get the biggest bang for my buck?' I knew I wanted something fun for the table top since we were keeping the decorations at a minimum, but I didn't want to spend a lot either. 

My solution was to jazz up some plain, black, plastic tablecloths I picked up at my local party store. 

By drawing on lines similar to the backdrop of the main party design, I was able incorporate the theme to every detail. (You can see that design mentioned in the 'Game On' sign on the TV here).

I drew on the lines using a silver metallic Sharpie paint pen and using a long ruler. If you don't have a ruler long enough, you can easily use the piece of cardboard, posterboard, etc to create the straight edge. 

I just drew on the lines in random lengths (some going the entire length of the tablecloth) and added filled circles at the end of the lines that weren't connected to anything. I probably spent a total of 20 minutes on the entire thing. 

I LOVE how the results turned out. And, there's no end to the possibility of options that you could do for any theme!

DIY Gaming Tablecloth
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We are so excited to finally share all the details from the gamer party we styled last year (yup, it took us that long to finally get around to this - yikes!). This party was for a small group of boys that were going to head on over to Dave & Busters to kick start their fun before heading back home for an all-night gaming slumber party. This theme is absolutely perfect for a gaming truck party and has been a real hit in our shop since it hit the shelves. 

Invitations were sent out in small boxes and really set the tone for the event. Each box was sealed with a label reading the guest's name that they had to tear into to get to the invitation. Upon opening it, the guest was first greeted by their own personalized VIP all access gamer pass to be worn to the party. Underneath that they found a small insert with some information (small inserts are so helpful when you have too much information to fit on an invitation - especially when hosting a sleepover!) and the custom invitation on the bottom. 

Shop the invitation here

The party table was adorned with a centerpiece made out of tissue fans and a black spray painted television - something every gaming party needs, right?!

A key factor to the gaming design was that bright green glow we had in our invitation and we really wanted to carry that into our party designs and decorations. One fun way we incorporated it was by placing neon glow stick necklaces beneath each plate. This created a soft glow from beneath and was a huge hit with boys. 

(Pssst...these 6" circles are in our party package as centerpiece or tshirt designs, but they look super cute as plate toppers, too dontcha think?) I also shared the DIY details on how made these tablecloths for super cheap here!

The way that neon glow matches our theme makes my party loving heart happy! 

A party is just not a party without a snack or dessert part, and we knew we needed to keep these gamers well fed ;) We provided a good mix of sweet treats with snacks such as pretzels and popcorn (easily carried off to continue on with their gaming!).

I love the simplicity of this banner. It is such a fun way to showcase being a year older!

These cute chocolate molds were perfect for this party! 

We made these 'playstation buttons' using a classic mold to create chocolate covered oreos (we used black candy melts vs. chocolate so they wouldn't be brown) and then piped on the designs using icing. 

Before leaving the next morning each boy was given a small pinata favor box. 

Erasers found here.


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{Free Printable} My Heart Pops For You Valentine Stickers

Hi there! I am in love with these sweet Valentine Stickers so much, that I am giving them away FOR FREE to all of you because I want you to be able to share in the fun!

They print easily onto Avery's 2" Sticker paper if you want to use them as labels, or you can print onto cardstock and attach them with twine. 

I used ours to put on small bags of popcorn and M&Ms, but these would be cute with loliPOPS, soda POPS, or even POP rock candy packets! #seewhatIdidthere

Just click on the link below and download it instantly! Be sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook @NestlingDesign so we can see how you styled yours!

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Valentine Collection 2017

I am over the moon excited to share with you this year's 2017 Valentines Collection! I really wanted this year's to be fun, personable, and easy to use. Every design has an option to personalize it with your child's name and photo - or to instantly download the design with space to write it in yourself. 

Are you ready?!

Vintage Baseball Valentine

Vintage Baseball Valentine

These valentines would be adorable to hand out with cracker jacks, mini Babe Ruth bars, or Big League Chew gumballs. 

Construction Truck Valentines - 4 Designs

Construction Truck Valentines - 4 Designs

Muddy Buddies make the perfect pair with these construction truck valentines!

Orange You a Cutie Valentines

Orange You a Cutie Valentines

This time of year my kids are obsessed with cuties, and I wanted an option that would be fun to hand out with these healthy treats. Your teacher will thank us ;) 

Donut Valentines

Donut Valentines

These fun valentines are a great teacher gift when paired with a fresh baked donut. 

Fruit Valentines - Instant Download Only

Gamer Valentines

If you're like me you have a kid who's obsessed with all things video games. These valentines are perfect to hand out with these erasers. 

Kitty Cat Valentines

A cute twist on classic puppy chow with pink M&Ms instantly turns this into delicious kitty chow to go with these purrrfect valentines. 

Nuts About You

Nuts About You

These would be super fun to hand out with individual bags of small Nutter Butter cookies. 

Robot Valentines - Instant Download Only

Robot Valentines - Instant Download Only

These fun robot valentines feature a matching label to wrap around a Hershey Miniature Candy bar. 

Rocket Ship Valentine

Rocket Ship Valentine

Sunshine Rainbow Valentines

Sunshine Rainbow Valentines

Superhero Valentines

Superhero Valentines

We paired our super hero valentines with tattoos we found at Hobby Lobby - they match perfectly!

Wild About You Valentines

Wild About You Valentines

Animal Crackers are such a fun (non candy treat) to hand out and goes perfectly with these safari valentines. 

Deer Valentines

Deer Valentines

Dinosaur Valentines

Dinosaur Valentines

These fun valentines would be DINOmite to hand out with these small erasers we found at our local Meijer. 

Fortune Cookie Bag Toppers - Instant Download Only

Fortune Cookie Bag Toppers - Instant Download Only

These fun bag toppers fit perfectly on 4" treat bags. 

Best part? We are offering a special discount ONLY to our subscribers! Subscribe today to receive 15% off your Valentine order!

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Holiday Gender Reveal Party

Let me start by stating how jealous I am that gender reveal parties were not a thing when I was pregnant with our children! Gender reveal parties are such a fun way to announce the big surprise of whether you are going to have a boy or a girl. And when you find out the big news during December, what better way than to celebrate with a Christmas themed event?! Our "Buck or Doe? Soon We'll All Know!" theme paired perfectly with Christmas, and I am so excited to finally share how we styled this party. 


Guests were greeted by asking to cast their vote by either wearing a 'buck' pin for a boy or a 'doe' pin for a girl. 

We filled the dessert bar with popular holiday treats such as cookies, reindeer food, and eggnog. 

Holiday Gender Reveal Party |

All the printables shown in this party are now in our shop as an instant download, which means there is no wait to get started on your party planning! CHECK IT OUT HERE

Mommies out there, let us know - did you throw a gender reveal party to announce the big news? 

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Free Printable Fall Bucket List

Fall is hands down my favorite time of year. Crisp air, changing leaves, scarves and boots...what's not to love?! Our family loves to make a bucket list for each season, so I thought it would be fun to share with all of you :)

I have the file in several sizes - 8x10, 18x24, 24x36, and 36x48. The two larger sizes are perfect to have printed up as engineer prints for super cheap. This size (24x36) only cost about $5 to print up at Staples:

It would also be super easy to throw into a festive frame and mark off with dry erase markers, too. I purposely left off the year so that you can just print this off once and reuse it again next year ;) 

You can download the free printable here!


What's your favorite thing to do during Fall? 

Fall Baby Shower Inspiration

Fall is finally here and there's no sweeter way than to celebrate a new one with a Fall themed baby shower. Pumpkins, apple cider, and leaves? Yes, please!

I've gathered up a few ideas that I think would make the perfect "Falling in Love with Baby" party. 

Set the tone with these Fall Baby Shower Invitations

Decorate the dessert bar with this fun Fall garland

Decorate simple pumpkins like these

Bake this Apple Cider Cake with this recipe

Serve seasonal donuts

Serve these festive mocktails

Use leaves to decorate your place settings

Use pumpkins as centerpieces 



Free Printable Fruit + Veggie Joke Stickers

Mamas we have got your lunch-making back with these fun jokes stickers! They are easy to print up and use. And who doesn't love a good pun-y joke?!

Perfect to just peel and stick on lunches....

......and snacks!

Team mom in charge of snacks? Be the star of the game with these stickers. 

I formatted the jokes to be able to print onto these labels so you can easily print, peel, and stick. Don't want to wait? You can print them up on card stock or full sheet label paper and just punch out. Labels are 1.5" and print 30/page.

Best part? You can download them FREE here!

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Back to School Party with Free Printables

I have to admit that when I see all those back to school breakfast bars, I get a little jealous. As a party gal it should be something right up my ally, but I just don't do mornings. In this house, mornings are usually a scramble,especially on the first day of school, so fancy breakfasts are just not in the cards. But an afternoon snack bar? That I can get behind.

I decided to go with theme "Let's get ready for COLORFUL year!"

{Check out how we used this banner for a fun photo op at the end of the post!}

Although I used these printables for our back to school snack session, they would easily work for any school related event like fundraisers, meet and greets, or staff appreciation tables. 

I tried to mix treats with healthy snacks such as apples with peanut butter cups and milk... 

...but if your theme is to make colorful memories, then rainbow lollipops are a must, right?!

I kept the table simple and decorated with some of our new art supplies and flowers. 

The large chalkboard as the background is included in the free printables and super cheap to print up. Just bring the file into Staples and print as an Engineer Print. This size only cost me $4 to print up! How perfect would this be in a classroom??

We had so much fun styling this party and I hope you guys do, too! We've included the party package as well as the chalkboard quote (file includes 8x10, 18x24, 24x36, & 36x48 options)  for FREE here!

Happy planning!

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Free Printable Back to School Signs

School is almost in session up here (yay!) and we are kicking off our countdown by offering a bunch of free printables this week. First up are this year's printable first day of school prints. 

Each file has a First Day of School print as well as a coordinating Last Day of School print, so you can easily create those side by side pics at the end of the year. 

The First Day of School signs are done in fall tones, while the Last Day prints have a spring vibe. 

back to school signs

There are also two color options to choose from. 

So easy to make! Simply print and pose! I like to glue mine onto a foam core board from the dollar store (cut to size). I add the First Day sign on one side and the Last Day sign on the other. And now that I have both signs, and I can pat myself on the back for already being nine months ahead of the game for the last day ;) 

Download the files for free here

What do you guys do to get ready for school? 

Christmas in July Party

Planning a Christmas wedding? This fun take on a Christmas in July bridal party is what you need in your life. Imagine sipping Christmas cocktails poolside while Christmas music flows through the air. The mistletoe is hung with tropical flowers and palm trees are draped in holiday lights. Is there a better way to get into the spirit of planning a Christmas wedding while the temps are still balmy? I don't think so. 

Nestling Design :: Christmas in July

This party could easily be set for a Baby Shower or Sip and See as having a summer baby can feel like Christmas in July (be sure to include some mocktails for the mommy-to-be!), or just a grown up cocktail party as everyone tries to beat the heat. 

Here's what you need to complete the look: 

Set the mood for your bash with these  tropical holiday invitations or festive Christmas cards

Drape this tassel garland on the dessert table for a festive look

Garnish your holiday drinks with a sprig of rosemary for a winter look

Hang this fun balloon banner above your bar cart

Create a tropical take on the tradition wreath like this one

Make this fun twist on a holiday cheese ball 

Flowers in pineapples make the best centerpieces. Choose red for an added punch of color

Make your signature drink the Saint Nickarita

What ideas have you guys used for a Christmas in July bash? We'd love to hear about them in the comments. 



Watermelon Party Inspiration

What screams summer more than watermelon? It's such a fun theme for first birthdays or even pool parties. I thought it would be fun to gather a little inspiration to go with our new watermelon invitations

How fun is this color combination?! Shop the look below:



Hope you are all having a SWEET day! 



Summer is finally here and you know what that means - warm weather and fireworks!  I am so excited to share with you all a cute labels I made to go along with the treat bags I gave out last year. 

I filled some simple brown bags with popcorn and pretzels to be eaten while the kids watched the fireworks. 

These labels would be super cute on water bottles, sandwich bags, or even a box of sparklers. I've included two designs, one with "Happy 4th" written on it and one without that you can use anytime! 

Best part? They are FREE!




We love to see what you do with our printables!

Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @NestlingDesign




Fiesta // Cinco de Mayo

I am so excited to finally share with you all the details from our Fiesta themed party we threw my youngest back in November. This guy loves tacos more than anyone I know, so naturally he wanted a taco party. I may be a little biased, but isn't he just the cutest little thing that you ever did see in a sombrero?

                                                                 Shop Invitation

I knew right away that I wanted a playful color pallet, so I took colors straight from a typical pinata. To add more fun to the invitations, I sewed on crepe paper to the bottom to give it more of a pinata feel. The invitations set the stage for the rest of the party. 

I made these decorations out of a Pringles can and some streamer!

For the cactus punch, we just mixed green koolaid and sprite, but you can always add some lime sherbet for more fun! 

                                                             Wooden Spoons

I set up a simple little photo prop area. It was fun to snap pictures of the kids to send home with them. 

I always try to include an activity and craft for each children's party. For this one, the kids made maracas, played Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Poke the Cactus (sadly, I didn't get any photos of this, but it entailed balloons filled blown up and stuffed with a piece of candy. The balloons were all taped to a board to create a shape of a cactus. Blindfolded, the kids got to poke a balloon with a toothpick to find what prize they won). 

           Supplies needed for this: Easter eggs, plastic spoons, rice or beans (dry), and tape. 

Every Fiesta needs at least one pinata! Our guests each got take home their own filled with goodies. 

We made our own little pinatas, but you can easily find some on Etsy. Although a little time consuming to make this many, it ended up being a fun family activity.

I had so much fun with this party - I hope you left feeling inspired to throw your own fiesta!



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Dinosaur Party Inspiration


It’s no secret that I love parties, so when a friend of mine asked for some help coming up with ideas for her son’s dinosaur themed birthday party I jumped at the chance. We started gathering inspiration pictures and it was pretty clear from the start that she wanted to go with a more “earth-y” approach with browns and greens. We started with the invitation design here: 

Here's some of the amazing inspiration we gathered: 

 Search the goodies here from the top left:

Tablescape // Dinosaur Lunch // Dinosaur Toys (find them here) // Mud Dessert // Dinosaur Print Cookies // Leaf Garland // Dinosaur Wreath // Dinosaur Invitation Set

Hope you are all having a DINO-mite Thursday :)