We are so excited to finally share all the details from the gamer party we styled last year (yup, it took us that long to finally get around to this - yikes!). This party was for a small group of boys that were going to head on over to Dave & Busters to kick start their fun before heading back home for an all-night gaming slumber party. This theme is absolutely perfect for a gaming truck party and has been a real hit in our shop since it hit the shelves. 

Invitations were sent out in small boxes and really set the tone for the event. Each box was sealed with a label reading the guest's name that they had to tear into to get to the invitation. Upon opening it, the guest was first greeted by their own personalized VIP all access gamer pass to be worn to the party. Underneath that they found a small insert with some information (small inserts are so helpful when you have too much information to fit on an invitation - especially when hosting a sleepover!) and the custom invitation on the bottom. 

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The party table was adorned with a centerpiece made out of tissue fans and a black spray painted television - something every gaming party needs, right?!

A key factor to the gaming design was that bright green glow we had in our invitation and we really wanted to carry that into our party designs and decorations. One fun way we incorporated it was by placing neon glow stick necklaces beneath each plate. This created a soft glow from beneath and was a huge hit with boys. 

(Pssst...these 6" circles are in our party package as centerpiece or tshirt designs, but they look super cute as plate toppers, too dontcha think?) I also shared the DIY details on how made these tablecloths for super cheap here!

The way that neon glow matches our theme makes my party loving heart happy! 

A party is just not a party without a snack or dessert part, and we knew we needed to keep these gamers well fed ;) We provided a good mix of sweet treats with snacks such as pretzels and popcorn (easily carried off to continue on with their gaming!).

I love the simplicity of this banner. It is such a fun way to showcase being a year older!

These cute chocolate molds were perfect for this party! 

We made these 'playstation buttons' using a classic mold to create chocolate covered oreos (we used black candy melts vs. chocolate so they wouldn't be brown) and then piped on the designs using icing. 

Before leaving the next morning each boy was given a small pinata favor box. 

Erasers found here.


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